Production supervision

Production supervision – this service is offered to monitor and, if necessary, coordinate the production process.

Verification of the compliance of the production activities with requirements and time schedule, inspection of documentation.

Notification and reporting on the production process and giving the client independent and adequate overview of current production progress.

Project management

Project management

Project management – assists successful performance of projects with various scope and level of complexity.

Our knowledge and readiness for new challenges have created many opportunities to participate in very diverse international projects, some that are definitely worth highlighting include the development and expansion of oil shale feed systems of VKG Oil Plant Petroter or, on the other hand,

the project for transferring the production facilities of NOMO Jeans INC. from China to Estonia and developing individual sewing of jeans in mass production, or Technip Flexi France project for obtaining the Acceptance of International Manufacturer for the manufacturer of flexible pipe coils for oil industry.

Projects may also involve a small task managed by our specialists.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Quality assurance – ensures the compliance of products with standards and special requirements.

The service we provide is not limited to the assessment of the conformity of components, we can also represent our clients when accepting various structures and equipment.

Due to our long-term work experience in various areas, we have successfully represented clients during the final inspection of special equipment at the manufacturer’s facilities for the past 10 years.


Consultations help us facilitate the activities of our customers in the environment that is not familiar to them.

Our main customers are companies who are looking for opportunities for various cooperation mostly within the European Union, but we have successfully provided our services also in the Middle East.